kk dead body pic last performance video
kk dead body pic last performance video

kk dead body pic last performance video


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Despite feeling uncomfortable, the screening singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, known as KK, did complete the performance schedule time on Tuesday night according to the contract he followed with Gurudas College based in Kolkata.

KK died on Tuesday night at the age of 53 after appearing at his last show at Nazrul Mancch in South Kolkata.

kk dead body pic last performance video

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After completing the show on schedule, he returned to his hotel in Central Kolkata and felt uncomfortable anymore.

He was rushed to a local hospital, where he was declared “taken dead.” However, according to eyewitnesses and the organizer of the show, the singer who died showed symptoms of anxiety during his performance.

He kept asking to turn off the spotlight and at the interval he would return to the stage to rest. However, once he expressed his desire to get out of the show, “said one of the organizers.

KK manager, Ritesh Bhat, said that after completing the show, when he got into his car, he complained of light anxiety.

“KK says that he has a feeling of cramps in his limbs and also asks me to turn off the AC car,” Bhat told Mediapersons.

Video kk dead body pic last

meanwhile, police sources said that his body had been sent for post mortem for two reasons.

the first is that since he is “taken to death” to the hospital, according to the rules, the body needs to undergo a post mortem to ascertain the reason for death. The second reason is-some traces of proven cuts on his face and hands.

but the final cause of death can be ascertained only after the post mortem is completed and a report is available,” said a police official who did not wish to be named.

it is known that the KK body has been retained at the government-run SSKM Medical College & Hospital in Central Kolkata and post mortem will be performed at a later date.

KK came to Kolkata on Monday and on the same day he performed at the same Nazrul Manch for a Kolkata-based college.

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