Latest From Arpita Mukherjee News.Arpita Mukherjee News Today
Latest From Arpita Mukherjee News.Arpita Mukherjee News Today

Latest From Arpita Mukherjee News.Arpita Mukherjee News Today


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Basically the Enforcement Directorate has recovered Rs 20 crore cash, with 3kg gold from another house of Arpita Mukherjee, a close aide to Trinamool Congress minister Partha Chatterjee.

The Flat, located in the aforementioned Belgharia, of course has notes denominated Rs 2000 and Rs 500. Chatterjee was arrested precisely on Saturday in connection with the SSC fraud.

ED had arrested Chatterjee, who is also TMC secretary-general, on Saturday in connection with his investigation into irregularities in teacher recruitment by the school Services Commission.

Therefore ED officials started counting records from 7.30 pm and it lasted until after 9.30 pm, which is now a big question of course.

After that, the agency has summoned bank officials, who are carrying money counting machines, to count the recovered cash according to the nominal.

Sources say that in addition to the cash, more property documents were found by the agency, which is currently looking into it.

According to reports we have obtained from various sources, he also said that only Partha Chatterjee and her men were aware of access to the room where the cash was kept.

Some time back, during a raid last week, ED confiscated Rs 21 crore in cash from Arpita Mukherjee’s House, of course it was cash.

After a while ago the investigation agency launched a coordinated search on the spot Chatterjee, Minister of Industry and trade of the country, his aide Arpita Mukherjee.

Minister of State for education Paresh C Adhikary, MLA and former President of West Bengal Board of Primary Education Manik Bhattacharya and a number of others came with concurrently.

During the search, ED recovered cash amounting to about Rs 20 crore from the residence of Arpita Mukherjee, who was a close associate of Partha Chatterjee who had been his closest friend.

But of course some of the money is allegedly the proceeds of the SSC (School Services Commission) fraud crime,” the federal agency said in a statement.

After getting to know the information of course others who were raided included PK Bandopadhyay, OSD to Partha Chatterjee when she was the country’s Education Minister before.

And Sukanta Acharjee’s personal secretary, Chandan Mondal aka Ranjan, an alleged” tout ” who used to take money with the promise of giving school teachers jobs.

Kalyanmay Bhattacharya, a son-in-law of Partha Bhattacharya; Krishna C Adhikary, and Dr S P Sinha, advisor to West Bengal Central School Services Commission-convenor of the 5-member committee.

Kalyanmoy Ganguly, a former President of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education; Saumitra Sarkar, a former President of the West Bengal Central School Services Commission; and Alok Kumar Sarkar, deputy director of the School Education Department were also raided.

Because it is one of the cooperation and agreements that he agreed to do a very detrimental act, of course.

ED also said, ” a number of incriminating documents, records, details of very dubious companies, electronic devices, foreign currency and gold have been recovered from the premises of persons linked to the fraud.”

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