Love Death Robots Volume 3 Jibaro คือ
Love Death Robots Volume 3 Jibaro คือ

Love Death Robots Volume 3 Jibaro คือ

220 View – During the first two seasons, Love, Death, and Robots have made their names by offering a myriad of animated shorts that include sci-fi and horror-and sometimes both at the same time.

Already bleeding and deep but also often uneven. For every smart treatise about humanitarian nature, there is a gorefest that is bleeding and shocking and a few others.

But with volume 3, we are arguably the strongest collection: nine genre shorts without a weak link between them.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the third season is how varied shorts, which range from seven to 21 minutes. My personal favorite is “The Very Public pulse of the engine,” directed by Emily Dean, who followed the astronaut who was stranded at Jupiter’s Moon IO.

Love Death Robots Volume 3 Jibaro คือ

As he dragged the body of a colleague dead back to a safe place through a quiet landscape, he began to hallucinate … maybe.

It could be that the drugs that keep him alive, or it could be that the planet inspired by Moebius spoke directly to him. Whatever it is, very beautiful to watch and end with a poetic tone.

Another highlight including David Fincher “Bad Traveling,” A terrible story about a group of sailors visited by giant hunger crabs who forced them to re -evaluate their priorities.

This is important not only because of his moral dilemma but also a frightening realism that he made monsters and viscera.

This is a nightmare. Likewise, “Jibaro,” from director Alberto Mielgo, is a frightening vision where a deaf knight witnessed all his platoon killed by gold siren before two squares in confusing and without words.

“Swarm” imagines what will happen if humans try to enslave a peaceful alien bug race. Spoiler: it doesn’t go well.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about volume 3 of love, death, and robot is that even stories that seem generic turned out to be interesting.

The Token Zombie Short- “Night of the Mini Dead,” directed by Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon-taking the bird’s view from the end of the living corpse, showed the event version with an adorable artstyle that made him look like A Spin -OFF Starcraft.

Video Love Death Robots Volume 3 Jibaro คือ

This is almost like Timelapse of our death in the hands of zombies. And then there are two stories that begin with a group of weapons soldiers who explore several mountains-but both go in a very different direction.

“Kill Team Kill,” from director Jennifer Yuh Nelson, is a beautiful strange battle with Mecha bear, while “in the domed hall buried,” directed by Jerome Chen, started very calling calling before it turned back.

Volume 3 even added continuity to the anthology series with the return of three robots, which once again traveled through the remnants of humanity to try to learn who we are in “outgoing strategy,” directed by Patrick Osborne.

This time, they focused on our apocaliptic shelter, from the Hardcore Survalist Camp and oil tanker that was installed to the technological billionaire playground to underground bunkers for political elites. This is gloomy and funny and ends in an important awareness that “humans are the worst.”

Not necessarily there is a line through that connects nine films outside the fact that they are all animated shorts that explore sci-fi and horror. Some have a lot of blood and some are deep reflections about the future of humanity – and some have both.

But the connective tissue is not true -really needed here when each shorts are very different and attractive.

Yes, you get a lot of death and robot (and a little love). But the main prominent of volume 3 is that, well, nothing stands out: here are nine very good genre films that all feel very different from each other. Humanity may be the worst, but at least we can make some cool things.

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