Cool Mi Launcher Mod Apk ( Premium Unlocked)
Cool Mi Launcher Mod Apk ( Premium Unlocked)

Cool Mi Launcher Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

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Cool Mi Launcher is a launcher that lets you easily change the look and feel of your device, similar to Redmi MIUI and features customization of its interface.

You can also reset the interface of the device you are using and match your preferences with various settings. Not only that, you can also take advantage of the number of themes, wallpapers and icon packs that the app supports to refresh your device. Therefore, you should not ignore the benefits it gives you.

Change Device Interface According to Redmi MIUI

When you use Cool Mi Launcher, you will get a new experience. Users can finally access the Redmi MIUI interface for their devices along with many different settings.

Cool Mi Launcher as a launcher, can help you fine-tune the look and feel of your device, such as app icons, settings, app size and many other items that you can find easily. By using Cool Mi Launcher you can change the interface completely to your liking and make the most of what the app brings.

Customize Interface In Settings In Simple Way

There will be a lot of things that Cool Mi Launcher can support, and they will usually appear in the settings. You can choose different grid sizes, icon sizes, and the appearance of your app. At the same time, the app supports a drawer feature for folders with four main drawer types.

Not only that, you can also completely change the font you use and reset the apps you use from AZ. Once you’ve gone all the way through these features, the interface of the device will have a tremendous difference.

Some Wallpapers and Themes That Can Be Used By Users

Once you have covered the many features that help you optimize the look of your device with Cool Mi Launcher, you will start to learn what resources Cool Mi Launcher can provide you.

You can find more than 500 interesting and relevant themes for various events. Not only that, you can freely use 1000’s of wallpapers, and this application provides a rounded screen feature to maximize it if you use each type.

Adding New Actions To Device

One of the great things about this Cool Mi Launcher is that you can finally add some touch actions to apps. And specifically, you have a section called gestures, and when you log in there will be a list of activities that you can use on this device.

After learning these gestures, you can consider implementing them by enabling or disabling the toggle in the first gesture selection. You also need to make sure these actions don’t overlap with any activities you’ve set up earlier.

Some Other Support Features

Launcher applications always come with various additional features that can make the most of your Android device. Apart from that, you can also set the notification center to update new messages that appear or automatically clean up some junk files on your device.

The launcher app also provides several solutions to maximize your battery life, and the app security feature is also a reliable feature to protect your privacy.

Final Words

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